Hi folks !

This is the homepage of Monique
and Jean-Paul, called Skippy.

 We are living in Roodt/Syr, in the municipality of Betzdorf (the home of ASTRA-satellites) in the east of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

We married in September 1987.
Our home is an old house, which we are gradually restauring. It's a little bit like most internet sites : under permanent construction ...
Besides transforming our house, we both have a job :

Monique is an educator in a kindergarten,

Skippy works as a broadcast-technician at television.

Have a look at   Broadcasting Center Europe
an RTL Group company
As this didn't entirely fill our time schedule, we got a dog. She is very well-behaved (!), absolutely not spoilt (!!), and she's crazy about promenades.

We both have god-children :
Skippy's god-son is Charel and his god-daughter is Sophie,
Monique is the god-mother of Sophie (no, not the same one !),
and of Michel.
Our remaining time is used to set up our family trees.
When you are doing genealogic research in Luxembourg, you will soon hit some problems. You can find some aspects thereof in the genealogy page.

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